Withdrawn Certificates

Certificate# Organization Location Effective Date Field of Testing
153.02 Alfred Benesch & Company Lincoln, Nebraska, United States 04/02/2020 Construction Materials
2063.01 ALPS ALPINE CO., LTD. EMC TEST LAB Iwaki Iwaki, Fukushima 970-1192, Japan 03/09/2020 Electrical
2598.03 ALS Marshfield, LLC - Dodge City, Kansas Division Dodge City, Kansas, United States 11/26/2019 Biological
2127.03 AMETEK Co., Ltd. Nagoya Office Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan 07/27/2020 Calibration
2141.01 Ametek/Westchester Plastics Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania, United States 06/01/2020 Mechanical
1370.01 AMETEK/Westchester Plastics Wapakoneta, Ohio, United States 04/23/2020 Mechanical
3944.01 ArcLight Wireless Inc. Raleigh, North Carolina, United States 06/22/2020 Electrical
5531.01 Atlas Agriscience, LLC Tukwila, Washington, United States 06/22/2020 Chemical
5362.01 Bioagri Ambiental Ltda Maringá, Brasil 07/22/2019 Biological
5362.02 Bioagri Ambiental Ltda Maringá, Brasil 07/22/2019 Chemical
3699.01 Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Inc. Irvine, California, United States 04/23/2020 Electrical
4193.10 Bureau Veritas Publicly Traded as Inspectorate Corporation Linden, New Jersey, United States 04/27/2020 Chemical
4193.11 Bureau Veritas Publicly Traded as Inspectorate Corporation Aston, Pennsylvania, United States 05/13/2020 Chemical
5229.01 Construction Sciences Houston, Texas, United States 08/12/2020 Construction Materials
152.01 Dow Chemical Company Midland, Michigan, United States 04/29/2020 Mechanical
5669.08 Element Doha LLC Doha, Qatar 07/08/2020 Construction Materials
1720.03 Element Jupiter Jupiter, Florida, United States 12/17/2019 Electrical
2845.09 EMSL Analytical, Inc. San Leandro, California, United States 09/15/2020 Environmental
2509.01 Enartis USA, Inc. Windsor, California, United States 08/06/2020 Chemical
3635.01 Ernst & Young LLP Tysons, Virginia, United States 07/10/2020 ISO/IEC 17020:2012
3786.01 Excelen Center for Bone and Joint Research and Education Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States 07/10/2020 Mechanical
2703.01 ExxonMobil Chemical Baytown, Texas, United States 09/10/2020 Mechanical
2489.01 FirstEnergy BETA Laboratory Mayfield Village, Ohio, United States 12/19/2019 Calibration
2534.03 Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Tallahassee, Florida, United States 06/29/2020 Chemical
3651.01 Forensic Analytical Laboratories, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 11/19/2019 Biological
4855.01 FUGRO PENINSULAR Doha, Qatar 06/29/2020 Construction Materials
1305.01 General Motors de Mexico Toluca, Edo. de Mexico, Mexico 07/15/2020 Mechanical
1109.09 GM Metrology Laboratory, Milford, MI Milford, Michigan, United States 02/07/2020 Calibration
1431.01 GTA Material Laboratory Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 04/27/2020 Mechanical
4947.01 INDUSTRIAL SYSTECH LTD BRAMPTON, Ontario, Canada 01/03/2020 Calibration
3456.01 Intel Mobile Certification Lab Hillsboro, Oregon, United States 04/24/2020 Electrical
3988.02 Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc. - Center for Evaluation of Clean Energy Technology (CECET) Phoenix, Arizona, United States 05/01/2020 Mechanical
4928.01 J and K Measuring Services Inc Richmond Hill, Canada 04/02/2020 Calibration
4937.01 Keppel Seghers Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd. Doha, Qatar 09/09/2020 Chemical
4405.02 Keystone State Testing LLC DBA Dakota State Testing Fargo, North Dakota, United States 04/07/2020 Chemical
3931.01 Labs-Mart Inc. Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States 12/06/2019 Chemical
3342.01 Liberty Laboratories, Inc. Milpitas, California, United States 09/21/2020 Electrical
3799.01 Los Alamos National Laboratory: Biological Agent Testing Laboratory Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States 05/22/2020 Biological
2781.02 Mabamex S.A. de C.V. Tijuana, California, Mexico 07/06/2020 Chemical
2781.01 Mabamex S.A. de C.V. Tijuana, California, Mexico 07/06/2020 Mechanical
518.03 McCreath Analytical Services, LLC. Gary, Indiana, United States 02/15/2019 Chemical
3696.03 Methode Electronics, Inc. Southfield, Michigan, United States 07/24/2020 Electrical
3151.01 Milliken Pyroanalytic Center Blacksburg, South Carolina, United States 09/20/2019 Thermal
2518.06 Motorola Solutions Inc., Lawrenceville Energy Systems Safety & Test Laboratory (ESS&T) Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States 08/11/2020 Electrical
2518.07 MSIL Protocol Compliance Testing Lab Airport City, Israel 07/27/2020 Electrical
3634.01 NI Global Calibration Services dba NI Hungary KFT Debrecen, Hungary 10/17/2018 Calibration
3761.01 NSF International Petaluma, California, United States 05/29/2020 Biological
4873.02 Pathogenia Inc Saint Laurent, Quebec, Canada 08/04/2020 Chemical
4873.01 Pathogenia Inc Saint Laurent, Quebec, Canada 08/04/2020 Biological
1856.02 PJF Metrology South Duncan , South Carolina, United States 03/12/2020 Mechanical
2974.02 Plastics Color Corporation Calumet City, Illinois, United States 06/01/2020 Mechanical
147.03 Professional Service Industries, Inc. Tacoma, Washington, United States 04/22/2020 Construction Materials
284.01 Professional Service Industries, Inc. Portland, Oregon Division Portland, Oregon, United States 07/08/2020 Construction Materials
2058.01 ProTemp Mechanical, Inc. Santa Clara, California, United States 09/08/2020 Calibration
3574.01 RAM Service Group Louisville, Kentucky, United States 05/28/2020 Calibration
4950.01 RF Standard Pompton Plains, New Jersey, United States 08/28/2020 Calibration
3803.01 Safran Aerospace Composites Rochester, New Hampshire, United States 06/01/2020 Mechanical
2228.01 Shawmut Corporation Shawmut Laboratory Services Port Huron, Michigan, United States 02/21/2020 Mechanical
2228.02 Shawmut Corporation-Shawmut Laboratory Services Clinton, Tennessee, United States 02/21/2020 Mechanical
1395.18 SIMCO Electronics - China Guangzhou, People's Republic of China 07/27/2020 Calibration
3024.01 Spectra East, Inc. Rockleigh, New Jersey, United States 07/02/2020 ISO 15189:2012
4409.01 Sugar Creek Packing Co. Laboratory Washington Court House, Ohio, United States 04/21/2020 Biological
1732.01 Toro Company Riverside, California, United States 03/31/2020 Electrical
880.05 TUV Rheinland Industrial Solutions, Inc. Woodstock, Alabama, United States 09/18/2020 Nondestructive
3331.05 TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc. Youngsville, North Carolina, United States 03/23/2020 Electrical
3331.01 TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc. Newtown, Connecticut, United States 09/01/2020 Electrical
2359.01 U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, United States 09/17/2020 Biological
2359.02 U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, United States 09/17/2020 ISO Guide 34:2009
1115.01 U.S. Army TMDE Support Center Aberdeen Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, United States 05/04/2020 Calibration
4962.01 uBiome, Inc. San Francisco, California, United States 01/23/2020 ISO 15189:2012
2948.01 UL Verification Services, Inc. dba UL Environment Marietta, Georgia, United States 08/11/2020 ISO/IEC 17065:2012
4195.01 Verizon Innovation Center Lab San Francisco, California, United States 04/01/2020 Electrical
4196.01 Verizon Innovation Center Lab Waltham, Massachusetts, United States 04/01/2020 Electrical
3390.01 Watson Coatings Laboratory-Watson Grinding & Manufacturing Company Houston, Texas, United States 05/01/2020 Mechanical
3832.01 West Virginia Department of Agriculture Charleston, West Virginia, United States 08/03/2020 Biological