Suspensions and Withdrawals



Suspension of an organization's accreditation results from cases such as those outlined in Section XII "Suspension of Accreditation" of the A2LA General Requirements for Accreditation of Laboratories (and the corresponding General Requirements documents for the Inspection Body, Product Certification Body, Reference Material Producer and Proficiency Testing Provider programs). The decision to suspend accreditation may relate to assessor findings on the technical competence of the organization, an organization's failure to pay fees or a flagrant violation of the requirements or conditions for accreditation. Suspension is a temporary measure, until very specific conditions are met to reinstate the accreditation.

Listing of suspended certificates


A Withdrawal action removes an organization completely from the A2LA accreditation program. It is an action that can be voluntary (e.g. organization is no longer meeting accreditation requirements, organization has ceased operation, etc.) or enforced (e.g. usually taken after an organization has been suspended and the conditions for lifting the suspension have not been met, organization has not paid its bill, etc.).

Listing of withdrawn certificates


An Inactive organization is one that has specifically requested in writing that their accreditation be allowed to temporarily expire due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances (e.g., a organization's move or rennovation, significant personnel turnover, change in ownership, etc.) that prevent them from adhering to the A2LA requirements and/or conditions for accreditation. Inactive status can be given to an organization for no longer than one year.

Listing of inactive certificates